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Drive automation with Process Intelligence

Intelligent Automation Month

Uncover the power of process intelligence and see how it has emerged as a new approach to drive real business results. ABBYY’s Chief Technology Officer Scott Opitz will be joined by Marty Pavlik, Generative AI and Intelligent Automation Leader at Doculabs, to explore how process mining tools have evolved into powerful process intelligence platforms designed to handle the broadest range of use cases and provide deeper insights that accelerate process improvement. Join us to learn

  • How process intelligence complements and extends business intelligence tools by exposing the overall structure of end-to-end processes
  • The importance of supporting all process types, including the increasingly challenging highly variable ad hoc processes found in many use cases
  • How low-code/no-code platforms empower citizen analysts to take advantage of process monitoring, prediction, and simulation capabilities
  • How strategic partnerships with process intelligence experts such as Doculabs are enhancing the intelligent automation journey for ABBYY customers

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ABBYY’s Intelligent Automation Month