How to take advantage of cloud computing powers for document conversion

An increasing number of companies are leveraging cloud-computing platforms in their digital transformation projects to benefit from cloud processing and storage capabilities.

Especially for IT systems requiring conversion of documents into ready-to-use data, a cloud-computing environment is a natural match as its unprecedented scalability and flexibility provides an ideal foundation for fast digitization of archives, implementation of flexible document-based workflows, and other projects that depend on information extracted from business documents.

Join our webinar to learn how to implement cloud-based document digitization scenarios and leverage the powers of the cloud processing in your projects.




  • Advantages of leveraging IT cloud for document processing

  • Options for cloud-based document processing

    Using an external cloud service – how to leverage ABBYY’s external, cloud-based OCR service in your software within the shortest time

    Deployment within internal data centers – how to integrate ABBYY’s premium OCR SDK into applications running in own cloud-based data centers, or leveraging Dockers and virtual machines

  • Evaluation, benefits and typical scenarios

This technical webinar contains live demos for developers who are looking for a fast way to implement cloud-based document processing systems with the help of an SDK.

To test ABBYY SDK products, please download your free ABBYY FineReader Engine evaluation license or/and register on the ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK service for a free test of the service.

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Eva Weber

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Eva Weber, senior manager at ABBYY, is responsible for product marketing activities for ABBYY’s technology licensing products. With her extensive expertise, Eva is a key driver of the company’s activities around the usage of OCR in the cloud, including educational webinars and press articles.

Vigilija Kuhnt

Customer Success Manager – Licensing, ABBYY

As a Customer Success Manager, Vigilija Kuhnt ensures that customers optimally leverage the ABBYY technology. In a previous position, as a Technical Product Marketing Manager for the ABBYY SDK product group, she was responsible for technical product marketing activities for ABBYY FineReader Engine ensuring ongoing delivery of ABBYY product updates to the market, market requirement development, sales support, and ongoing customer consulting.