Welcome to Intelligent Automation Month

ABBYY hosts Intelligent Automation (IA) Month each September by holding a series of expert-led webinars and creating curated content to educate innovation leaders on the benefits of AI-powered automation.

ABBYY has been developing AI for decades, and we know the best practices for implementing this technology to affect meaningful change.  ABBYY experts and other industry influencers will take you on a journey to explore the key components of intelligent automation: purpose-built AI, Intelligent Document Processing, and Process Intelligence. You’ll see how these leading-edge technologies combine to revolutionize the way you do business, put your information to work, and accelerate your journey towards operational excellence.

Intelligent automation delivers better business results

Intelligent automation is the use of artificial intelligence to enable business systems to automatically read, understand, monitor, analyze, predict, and make decisions just like humans.  

Intelligent automation enables organizations to respond to the real-time requirements of their customers and operations to achieve results like 

  • 85% faster reporting
  • 30% shorter cycle time
  • document processing throughput increased by five times,
  • and up to 95% of document processing automated.

Tools such as intelligent document processing, task and process mining, and predictive analytics provide businesses with new approaches to gaining greater control over their operations and simplifying automation, process improvement, and decision making. With the power of purpose-built AI, organizations can specialize their use of large language models (LLMs) and generative AI for efficient and strategic use to generate real business value.


Drive Automation with Process Intelligence

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Make the Business
Case for IA

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Customer Panel with Innovation Leaders

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Watch on-demand sessions now to catch up on how the latest AI advancements are changing the future of work and how they can accelerate your business goals.

Drive automation with Process Intelligence

Uncover the power of process intelligence and see how it has emerged as a new approach to drive real business results. ABBYY’s Chief Technology Officer Scott Opitz will be joined by Marty Pavlik, Generative AI and Intelligent Automation Leader at Doculabs, to explore how process mining tools have evolved into powerful process intelligence platforms designed to handle the broadest range of use cases and provide deeper insights that accelerate process improvement. Join us to learn

  • How process intelligence complements and extends business intelligence tools by exposing the overall structure of end-to-end processes
  • The importance of supporting all process types, including the increasingly challenging highly variable ad hoc processes found in many use cases
  • How low-code/no-code platforms empower citizen analysts to take advantage of process monitoring, prediction, and simulation capabilities
  • How strategic partnerships with process intelligence experts such as Doculabs are enhancing the intelligent automation journey for ABBYY customers
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Make the business case for IA

Move to the next level of your automation journey. Bruce Orcutt, SVP of Product Marketing at ABBYY, and Ashwin Gaidhani, Analyst at ISG will help you understand

  • Common hurdles in adoption of Intelligent Automation
  • The impact today’s economy is having on IT budgets
  • How you can build a business case and prove ROI with decision makers
  • Where organizations are prioritizing projects
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Customer panel with innovation leaders

Join us for a groundbreaking panel discussion, where Shashank Tripathi, Practice Lead, Capital Markets & Wealth for IBM Consulting – Financial Services and Swaraj Kumar Padma, Automation Delivery Head at JLL will share

  • Best practices for beginning the automation journey, from identifying optimization opportunities to making the case for stakeholder buy-in
  • Tips and tricks, dos and don’ts, and more first-hand lessons they learned along the way
  • The real-world results from their automation initiatives and what they see next on the horizon
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State of Intelligent Automation Report: Impact of the Economy on AI Priorities

Download for firsthand insights from innovation leaders on trends, priorities, and benefits of enterprises’ AI investment in the past year

Resources to Guide Your Intelligent Automation Journey

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