Unlocking Data-Driven Excellence:

How Emerson Improved their Customer Journey with ABBYY Task Mining and Process Mining Solutions

Emerson, a global Fortune 500 company, stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in delivering manufacturing software and equipment. Their mission revolves around enhancing productivity, safety, and sustainability in vital industries. To achieve these lofty goals, Emerson realised they needed to embark on a journey towards data-driven decision-making. 

Discover how ABBYY empowered Emerson's digital transformation! 

Watch our exclusive interview with Emerson's, Director of Business Transformation and Optimisation for Measurement Solutions, Simon Higgs to learn how...

  • ABBYY's process mining provided Emerson with an unprecedented view of their high-volume quote-to-cash processes, uncovering critical insights.
  • ABBYY's path analysis pinpointed the most efficient and cost-effective routes while highlighting deviations.
  • Emerson's development teams harnessed ABBYY's process simulation to assess proposed improvements before committing resources.
  • ABBYY's solution, intuitive "out of the box," was easily tailored to address Emerson's unique business challenges.
  • ABBYY's support enabled Emerson to enhance their process and task mining expertise. 
Emerson's journey to data-driven excellence stands as a testament to the partnership between ABBYY and its clients. If you're eager to explore the full story of how ABBYY empowered Emerson's transformation, we invite you to complete the form and watch the full interview. Join us on this incredible journey towards data-driven success.



Simon Higgs

Director of Business Transformation and Optimisation for Measurement Solutions, Emerson


Amir Behfar

Senior Enterprise Sales Manager UK & Ireland, ABBYY

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