Digital Intelligence for
Transformation Opportunities

Get data-driven insights on your business to reduce transaction costs, improve customer experience, and better compete

Digital transformation is revolutionizing entire industries and rapidly changing customer expectations; however, organizations are challenged to maximize its value. The reasons are often rooted in a lack of visibility and understanding of business processes. A McKinsey study found that many digital transformation projects have not moved “beyond the piloting phase and haven’t grown significantly since 2018.” Today, it’s mission-critical for many organizations to have a comprehensive digital strategy in place that focuses on collecting and analyzing process-related data to optimize overall efficiency.


This report explains the concept of Digital Intelligence—what it means for businesses in practice and how it can be achieved. Examining both the processes and the content managed by organizations, it explores how organizations can increase their Digital Intelligence and develop a model focused on facilitating informed, data-backed decision-making. It offers insights into what this concept looks like in action and outlines use cases to show the benefits it can bring to organizations in various industries.

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  • What is Digital Intelligence, and how it can be achieved and measured
  • The benefits of gaining greater understanding and control of processes and content
  • Real-life use cases where Digital Intelligence facilitates process and operational excellence, including insurance, financial services, and procurement

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